Amaze your guests, boost your revenues and automate your operations with Hoteza's powerful integrations

Сentralized control and monitoring of the entire

Hoteza follows the concept of Smart Hotels and develops integrations with various hotel IT systems to allow centralized control and monitoring of the entire hotel.

We believe in a complex approach where guests, property management and hotel operations are viewed as one whole picture. To connect all pieces together, we ‘befriend’ various hotel IT systems with the Hoteza solution. When converged, those systems provide a personalized guest experience that is based on efficient hotel operations and smart interactive environments.

Property Management (PMS)
Personalized guest experience
Warm welcome
Red-carpet treatment
Room status updates
Before guests enter their rooms, the Hoteza system creates a welcoming scene for them. Hoteza turns on the TV, greets the guest by their name and sets the guest's preferred language. It also adjusts room temperature, turns the lights on and opens curtains.
It is all about making your guests feel they’re special. Right after a guest checks in, the Hoteza starts treating every guest as a very important person. The Hoteza system can retrieve a guest’s profile from PMS and other sources, so that special offers, advertising, content packages, and room settings will be adjusted to the guest’s preferences.
Hotel staff can use Hoteza in-room TV to report completion of housekeeping or maintenance tasks and update the room status. Same can be done for minibar items, as the staff can report consumed items via the Hoteza system to PMS while they’re in the room. This way, the hotel management can be sure that the staff performing the task physically checked the room. Hotel staff can also easily track necessary room status and inventory information in one place.
Point of Sale (POS)
Efficient management of room-service orders
  • Automate guest orders workflow
  • Increase transactions accuracy
  • Boost your revenues

Sales of ancillary services and goods become feasible with Hoteza integrated Points-of-Sale. Guests will see advertisements on many screens, will browse catalogues and can order services, goods, foods or drinks with a few touches or clicks.

Integration allows orders to be passed directly to POS. The guest’s order may be forwarded automatically to the kitchen’s printer, so that hotel staff can immediately see the order and start serving it right away.

Restaurant and Spa Reservations
Effortless in-house services booking
  • Continuous buyer’s journey from promotion to booking and purchasing of a service
  • List available in-house services with pictures, descriptions and videos
  • Allow immediate booking of a service with ancillaries up-sell

With Hoteza POS integration, guests can easily book a table in a hotel restaurant. They can even pre-order food and drinks, to reduce waiting time. The restaurant’s Host or Maître d’ will have information about the guest coming, and the cooks, butlers and servers will know what to do and when to do it, so that when guests arrive, they will be amazed at how well they are being served.

Spa procedures, gym and pool training, and other ancillary services can be booked via the Hoteza system, integrated with POS. Guests simply browse through the catalogue, pick whatever they prefer and book the service with a few clicks. Hotel staff will see their order immediately, can confirm the time and prepare for a guest coming to use the service they booked.

Hotel Operations (SOS)
Automated and optimized workflow
  • Optimise staff workload
  • Automate tasks
  • Decrease failure chance
  • Check efficiency reports

Staff, managers, inventory, guests… How to connect them together to allow flawless hotel operation? Hoteza responds by being integrated with SOS systems. Task management, make-up-room requests, direct messaging between guests and reception, advanced room status monitoring, collection of statistics and more.

Keeping normal routines operating like clockwork is a must for a good hotel - but, being one step ahead of the guest's thinking, takes the hotel into the top league. Advanced insight into guests' imminent needs and future demands is provided by Hoteza, integrated with SOS.

Room control (GRMS)
The digital room control experience
  • Enhance guest experience
  • Control A/C, blinds, lights, DND/MUR
  • Create various welcoming and waking up scenes
  • Impress your guests

Hoteza GRMS integration introduces a new way of interacting between the guest and the room. Instead of going here and there to switch, click and adjust various buttons and dialers around the room, guests can simply use a TV remote, in-room tablet or even their smartphones to control it all.

When a guest checks in, the PMS tells Hoteza to change the room's status to “Occupied” and to adjust the temperature to the preferred level as the guest goes to their room.As the guests enter the room, Hoteza activates the welcome scene: turns the lights on, plays music, opens curtains, and displays a personalized greeting on the TV.

Mobile Key
Simple and secure access to guest rooms and public areas
  • Unlock rooms with guests’ own devices
  • Take comfort to a new level
  • Ready for self-check-in integration
  • Increased security

Hotels equipped with the Hoteza system have the option to issue mobile keys, replacing classic keycards. This enables true self- check-in for guests and eliminates unnecessary contact with the receptionist. Guests can get their mobile key automatically and go directly to their room to use their own smartphone, with an uploaded mobile key, to open the door.

The Hoteza Mobile Key saves time for guests and hotel staff, as well as increasing security, and introduces more ways to automate the guest’s arrival.

Smart TV
An enterprise grade STB-free solution
  • Set-top box free operation
  • Save investment and maintenance costs
  • Proactive cloud monitoring

Hotels investing in Hospitality Smart TV sets and installing the Hoteza TV solution don’t have to hassle with set-top box updates and fixes and can control all TVs and room devices via a convenient and integrated Hoteza administration interface. Hoteza ensures a plug-and-play experience, minimizing installation costs and configuration time.

Hotel managers can experience reduced maintenance costs, while guests enjoy uninterrupted access to services provided via in-room TV, tablets and the hotel-branded mobile app. All that is achieved with the help of proactive monitoring, where IT staff can step in and fix issues before guests start complaining and before it becomes a problem for hotel managers.

Other integrations

We’re keeping up with industry trends and keeping our solutions aligned with the trends and demands of our customers. Whenever your project requires a special touch, we can integrate that specific block into our solution. The same can be done by others as we keep our API open and well documented.