Hoteza Mobile

A world-class easy-to-use application
with a multi-lingual web-based backend.

  • iOS and Android
    Hoteza works both on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Multi-lingual support
    Speak in your guest's language. Hoteza supports 68 world languages including even Hindi and Thai.
  • Easy installation
    Guests can easily install Hoteza Mobile by using either an app store, a welcome message link, or by scanning a QR code on the hotel keycard.
  • Works offline
    Most of the Hoteza Mobile services work offline. The application is really fast and works without any download delays.
Enhancing the
guest experience
and satisfaction

Messaging — is the leading communication method now. More and more guests prefer to write a message or push the button rather than call the Front desk or Concierge service.

This application allows your guests to easily get in touch with the hotel staff whether to contact the general manager, report a problem or leave feedback about their stay.

Rich interactive experience
In-room services, in-room shopping, restaurant reservations, call a taxi, wake up calls, weather forecast, airport live feeds.
Mobile key technology
Now, if the guest leaves the key card in the room,
there is no problem. The guest can open the room using their smartphone.
All hotel services and shops are available at the guest’s fingertips
Managed by the same backend and sourcing the same content all our interactive solutions - Mobile, HotPad and TV - allow to communicate with your guests in the way that they like the most. Either with their smartphone or by room-based tablet or over in-room TV screens.

Hoteza TV

A set-top-free IPTV hosted solution
that runs on hospitality Smart TVs


Guest services application for a room-based tablet