Hoteza TV

A set-top box-free IPTV hosted solution that runs on Smart TVs. Ease and flexibility, for every guest.

  • Fully integrated with PMS
    Guest registration & stay information, view bill, wake up, messages.
  • Investment protection
    Using the SmartTV platform you can upgrade system features with no need to replace hardware.
  • Single CMS
    Use one interface to manage different Hoteza products: TV, Mobile, HotPad, and HotSign.
  • Extra revenue for the hotel
    Promote and upsell your facilities and partner services thus generating additional revenue.
Main Screen
In-Room Dining
Room Control
A welcome screen that displays the guest’s name and background photo/video of the hotel
All information and interactive services available at a glance on one TV screen
Room-service breakfast or dinner orders or even a bottle of chilled champagne are all available to your guests with one touch
Empower your guests to control everything in the room with the TV remote control thus bringing a WOW-factor to their stay experience
The most actual and precise weather forecast for any locations worldwide
Guest device connectivity
Lets your guests stream their content as well as watch their own videos and photos on the in-room TV screen.
Branding & customization
Application flexibility provides you with unlimited customization opportunities. Hoteza TV will fully comply with your corporate standards or brand book.
Control room systems
via the TV screen
Now your guests may control lights, climate and electric curtains with the TV remote control.
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Guest services application for a room-based tablet


All hotel services in one mobile app